Best Cloud Document Management Systems 2022

The use of a virtual data room entails the inevitable one-time implementation costs and recurring costs associated with maintaining and owning a platform. And yet, today it is the only available way to manage company data outside the corporate perimeter.

The Most Trustworthy Cloud Data Management Software Programs

It is essential to note that cloud document management programs are a great solution for making, structuring, securing, and sharing sensitive business materials. Check out the best cloud-based platforms.

Panda Doc

The platform constitutes a cloud online data management program. It assists businessmen in running fruitful paperless meetings and offices. The software features a unique template gallery. The data builder helps a lot in creating your templates. As for space usage, there are no restrictions.


The software program refers to small and medium-sized companies. It is characterized by an e-workflow making use of configurable approval regulations as well as smart forms. The platform stores the user’s documents in a centralized database. The software has a dynamic search system. So, it can quickly scan via file contents for easier information retrieval.


The portal helps customers to store legally binding and files, such as initials and significant dates. Besides, it assists clients in creating data that is elementary to sign.

Zoho Forms

The program is an ideal variant for all company sizes. It perfectly copes with electronic forms of different field types and customizable topics.

Synology Drive

The software program features plenty of storage capabilities. The platform enables real-time or scheduled backup of sensitive data and folders.

Why Online Data Room Is the Most Preferable Network Data Management System?

Let's study the most common ways for putting to use the online data room:

  1. It is necessary to send a file to an external counterparty but retain access rights management and control over the dissemination of transmitted data. It is no secret that at the time of transfer of the data to a third party, the file owner irretrievably loses control over its fate. Often, there is a situation where drawings of commercial value fall into the hands of competitors or are in the public domain.
  2. For design organizations, the timely problem is when it is necessary to provide access to data to the working group only for a certain time (the time of work on the project) and then guaranteed to revoke access rights.
  3. Retailers generally need to protect valuable data from company employees who are at risk or subject to "turnover", such as sales representatives or merchandisers.
  4. Developers and designers of solutions need to control the good faith of the customer, make sure that the code developed and submitted by them for consideration will not be transferred to another contractor.
  5. Based on the foregoing, it is obvious that not a single public cloud service, and even more so obsolete FTP, is not able to fully protect the company from these risks. But the platform, which has the necessary set of tools, can do this.
  6. Location Where Corporate Data Is Stored

    Almost all modern online data rooms, unlike public cloud storages, have two delivery options, namely:

    • hosted;
    • on-premises.

    These features help businessmen to use the solution and keep materials both at the service provider and within the organization. The second placement option is suitable for firms that are mature in terms of IT technologies and who are aware of the value of their data and the volume of risks associated with the leakage.